Jewelry Artist Jennifer Favour: Southwestern Style Profile


Jennifer Favour

Jennifer Favour

The Southwestern lifestyle is blissfully free of pretention.  It’s the quality I admire most in the fun and funky designs of Jennifer Favour Jewelry.

While I’ve been following Jennifer’s Instagram account for a long time, I finally had the chance to interview her and learn more about her enchanting work.


WSW:  Jennifer, your jewelry designs stand out for their whimsy as much as for their unmistakable Southwestern style.  How did you get started as a jewelry artist?

I have always loved jewelry. It’s been a part of my life as long as I remember. I started collecting jewelry and elements when I was 6 years old. (Crazy right?!) Taking the jump to design and make my own jewelry was inevitable. From my very first piece, I knew I was home.

I am completely self-taught. It’s been a journey of learning what works – trial and error.


WSW:  Well, your process certainly worked out.  It’s not easy to grow a significant Instagram following, but you’ve got quite a fan base!

I’ve been blessed with a terrific following.  A lot of great women love what I do, and many have been with me from the very start. I love the style that they bring to the brand. JF ladies are amazing! 

Also, every aspect of my brand has been created and is managed by me. I am proud of that fact. To be able to say that I have created this is so satisfying. I can’t imagine my life any other way.


WSW:  Tell me about your designs?  What’s your intent when you create a new piece of jewelry?

Each design is created to make you to feel unique and beautiful.  The pieces are comfortable to wear and versatile. They’re made to mix and layer so each woman can express her individual style.  The designs are also timeless, so they’ll be appealing for years to come.

Lastly, I create pieces of all price points and sizes.  Accessibility is important to me.


WSW:  What kind of woman wears Jennifer Favour jewelry?

A woman with a strong sense of style, who is confident and comfortable in her own beauty.

Jennifer Favour Jewelry

Jennifer Favour Jewelry


WSW:  How does fashion contrast with personal style?

Personal style is how we express ourselves as individuals. Fashion trends come and go.  The trick for each woman is to find that balance between personal style and fashion, to honor who you truly are, and to be comfortable with yourself.  


WSW:  How do you style your own jewelry?

So far as my personal style, I wear several of my own pieces every day. They are pieces that are mainstays in my collection and that have become almost a part of my personal identity. I particularly love a layered look. You’ll see me wearing long pendant necklaces with multiple charms and turquoise rings. I mix my pieces together to create a one of a kind style.


WSW:  Like me, you’re based in Arizona.  What do you love about the Southwest?

I love the color and diversity of the Southwest. It’s hard NOT to be inspired. There’s so much beauty to take in. I like to think that it translates into my jewelry, that my pieces pick up some of the color of my home State. The Southwest is a large part of who I am and will always be an inspiration to me.


WSW:  Where do you see your work in 5-10 years?

I’ve always said that I want a pair of my earrings hanging from every woman’s ears!  I love jewelry and want to reach as many people as I can.

Jewelry is a magnificent thing. It has the ability to connect us and tell our story. It captures our memories and helps us to create new ones. That’s a powerful thing to be a part of.

I see my brand continuing to expand, reaching more women and empowering their beauty and strength. I want to break down barriers and tell people that it’s okay to mix it up and be bold. If it brings you happiness and makes you feel beautiful, then I’ve done my job correctly.


WSW:  Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your creativity with Wilder Southwest and the world!



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