Field Studies Editions, Southwestern Patterns #007


Hey, Wild Ones!

Wilder Southwest has been blazing some new trails lately while sheltering in place.  Keep an eye out for announcements!  In the meantime, I couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek at one of my favorite new finds in the Southwest.  Field Studies Editions is Paul Baxendale’s Santa Fe, New Mexico-based art studio releasing open and limited editions of superb archival fine art prints, jewelry, and objects that reflect the beauty, wonder, and rich history of the American Southwest. 

I first became familiar with Paul’s work through Southwestern jewelry artist Rosa Kilgore.  (Thank you, Rosa!) 

Upon visiting FSE’s website for the first time, I found myself captivated by the fine art prints in particular.  It’s no secret that I have a fondness for anything Southwestern, but Paul’s fine art prints truly capture the pure, earthy, spiritual essence of our region.  Astoundingly, they’re also offered at a very affordable price. 


Field Studies Editions, Southwest Patterns #015 and #020


I was even more astounded when my chosen prints were delivered:  Rich, brilliant colors, printed to perfection on heavy, 100% cotton watercolor paper.  These strikingly beautiful fine art prints will anchor my – and any – home in perfect, rugged Southwestern elegance.

I reached out to Paul to learn more about his background and work.


Sandra:  Paul, tell me how you became interested in the Southwest?

Paul:  My journey began with a deep childhood love for the natural world. As a boy, I eagerly rambled through the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, exploring ancient remnants of the Ancestral Pueblo inhabitants of the region.


Sandra:  Like you, I also find the Southwest inspirational.  How did you develop your considerable talents as an artist?

Paul:  I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I focused on sculpture, printmaking, museum studies, and exhibition design.


Sandra:  I’m impressed!  The Art Institute has a stellar reputation.  What kind of work did you do after you completed your education?

Paul:  Over the years, I’ve worked alongside countless artists in museums across the U.S., installing exhibitions and hanging some of the world’s rarest and most coveted artworks.  Later, in Los Angeles, I ran print production for one of the world’s largest fine art print houses.


SandraSo what brought you back to the Southwest?

Paul:  Memories of the canyons and mesas of the Southwest, colorful landscapes scented with Piñon and sagebrush… The spirit of this ancient place captivated my heart. In 2017, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and set up my print studio as an artist-in-residence within a historic Canyon Road artist compound. That’s where all of my work is created and printed.


Sandra Would you please tell me more about your work and your artistic process?

Paul:  Many Field Studies Editions prints begin as small paintings that I execute in gouache (an opaque, watercolor-like medium) that are then scanned, retouched and printed. All of the colors and minute details of the original are captured and reproduced impeccably in my fine art prints! Other images in the collection originate from antique sources, such as rare, out-of-print books or ephemera. The Mineral Kingdom series are minerals in my collection that I have photographed myself and offer as prints.


Field Studies Editions Fine Art Prints, Crystalline Forest Print

Field Studies Editions, Crystalline Forest Print


Each print is created using a top-of-the-line, 12 pigment Giclée printer using 12 separate inks that are rated for over 200 years permanence… These are archival, fine art inks.  I print on thick, 100% cotton, acid-free fine art watercolor paper that is produced in the UK. The resulting piece of art is something permanent, substantial, and beautiful… inspired by my love for the spirit and splendor of the American Southwest; something I have created from start to finish so that you may experience that magic in your own home! 


SandraMy Field Studies Editions prints are definitely bringing magic to my home!  I truly couldn’t be happier with them.  Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your creativity with the world.

For readers who are interested in bringing some Southwestern spirit and elegance into their own homes, visit Paul Baxendale’s Field Studies Editions shop online.

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