On a recent trip to New Mexico, I visited Wahoo! Santa Fe and was immediately charmed by their eclectic mix of Southwestern-style jewelry and vintage pieces from the 1930s to the present. I’m always on a mission to find some Southwestern treasures and was not disappointed. The friendly shop owner happily chatted with me as she strung beads and shared stories of various pieces’ provenance.

My favorite finds were Harvey-style Southwestern tag pendants strung on a choice of braided leather, handmade silver chains, glass trade beads or turquoise beads. Tags are sold individually as well. (My sister had been craving similar tags on Instagram, but these tags seemed heftier and better crafted than any I’d seen before.)

Wahoo! Santa Fe Thunderbird Tag Pendant
Harvey-style Southwestern tag pendants.
Harvey-style Southwestern tag pendants.
Wahoo! Santa Fe turquoise beads with silver crossed-arrows pendant, signifying friendship.

Wahoo! Santa Fe also offers an enviable collection of vintage cowboy boots, tooled leather handbags, and accessories. Each piece is strong enough to read Southwestern and carry an otherwise simple outfit. (It’s far too easy to go overboard with Western style… Except for necklaces and rings. Load me up!)

Vintage cowboy boots, Southwestern-style necklaces and accessories.

Wahoo! Santa Fe

227 Don Gaspar Avenue

Santa Fe, New Mexico 85701

[email protected]