Hey Wild Ones!

How’s the sheltering in place going?  It’s getting old, right? 

Though we’re all still on lock down, we can still head out together virtually on another Southwestern Sofa Tour

I’ve done my research, and this tour is a particularly good one! 

We’re headed to…


Bryce Canyon National Park


Directions to Bryce Canyon National Park


Located in Southern Utah only a four-hour drive from Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon National Park is a desert canyon paradise of lush alpine trees, slot canyons, and the largest concentration of hoodoos anywhere in the world.  (If you have a small obsession for hoodoos like me, visit my Bisti Badlands post next.)

Let’s start our Bryce Canyon virtual tour with a little context, just so we know what we’re looking at.  The U.S. National Park Service offers a Bryce Canyon video with some basic introductory information about the canyon and spectacular views: 


U.S. National Park Service:  The Magic of the Hoodoos


But my favorite virtual way to visit Bryce Canyon is via Google Earth…


Google Earth – Visit Bryce Canyon National Park 


Once on the site, click on “Let’s Go,” and wait for the tour to load.  Once the first destination has loaded, use your mouse to pan 360 degrees to take in sweeping views of the hoodoos and get a sense of the truly massive scale of Bryce Canyon.

When you’re ready to move on to the next destination, simply use the blue arrows located on the bottom-right side of your screen.  You’ll be whisked away to the most iconic destinations in the canyon.

  1. Bryce Canyon, Sunrise Point
  2. Natural Bridge, a massive, natural 85 foot natural arch
  3. Agua Canyon with view of the Grand Staircase
  4. Black Birch Canyon with a view toward Rainbow Point
  5. Rainbow Point
  6. Bryce Point
  7. Inspiration Point
  8. Bryce Canyon National Park Visitor Center


Gorgeous, right? 


If you’re already planning your next trip to Utah, the Visit Utah website proposes an excellent Bryce Canyon itinerary for road trippers:

Visit Utah – Bryce Canyon


As always, check out the U.S. National Park Service website for your destination before you travel.  They’ll offer up-to-date advisories, educational information, and beautiful photos!

U.S. National Park Service website – Bryce Canyon


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