Hello again, Wild Ones.

I’ve had a lot of extra time this last week – vacation time that was scheduled months ago.  Normally I’d be out on the road but, of course, that’s not an option now.  The coronavirus has made travel and visiting friends impossible.


Staying Connected During Coronavirus

Instead, I’ve been chatting with followers from the USA, Italy, Germany, Lebanon, and Japan.  I’m interested in how they’ve been affected by the novel coronavirus.  Their comments have been  heartbreaking. 

It seems no one is weathering this storm very well.  A single look at the Johns Hopkins Covid-19 map confirms it.  My friends have spoken about boredom, anxiety, fear, anger, unemployment, financial problems, food scarcity, broken medical systems and, worst of all, loved ones who have passed on. 


Dreaming of the Southwest

One common thread in their comments is a desire to come live “in the West.”  Considering how low our infection rates are here, it’s no wonder.  Right now, the West seems like one of the safest places to be.  (I pray it stays that way!)  And talk about social distancing?  We’ve got plenty of room for that!  For over a century, the American West has been viewed as a place of wide-open spaces, adventure, natural beauty, freedom…  A place to put down roots and begin again.  

Easier said than done, if you’re not an American.  But dream we can – and should!  You never know what opportunities life will throw your way.  Until then, I’ve applied my librarian super powers to help you to escape and dream, if only for a little while. 

For all those weary of sheltering in place, I’ve collected a set of awe-inspiring U.S. National Park Service videos and Google Virtual Tours that introduce you to some of the most majestic landscapes in the southwest – all from the comfort of your sofa. 


Sofa tourist sheltering in place

Sofa tourist sheltering in place!


So, grab a friend or a pet and snuggle down.  It’s going to be a lovely ride!


Southwestern Sofa Tours – Episode 1:  The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The first stop on our Southwestern Sofa Tour is the Grand Canyon.







The Grand Canyon’s Bright Angel Trailhead:  A Google Earth Virtual Tour

Visit Grand Canyon National Park – Bright Angel Trailhead:  A Google Earth Virtual Tour

This link leads you on a virtual tour of the Bright Angel Trailhead for the rugged 7.9-mile trek on park “superhighway,” linking Colorado River and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


I hope these gorgeous videos, courtesy of the National Park Service and Google Earth, will lift your spirits and remind you to dream.  Perhaps you will even plan a vacation for when the world finds its balance again. 

You may be sheltering in place for now, but you can still stay wild!

Much love,