Pretty in Prickly Pear:  Vintage Shopping in Santa Fe

Someone should present an award to Pretty in Pink screenwriter John Hughes and actress Molly Ringwald.  Before the film Pretty in Pink, second hand shopping was a dirty little secret.  Sure, people did it, but you didn’t fess up to it in high school. 

Then, adorable, angsty, teen star Molly Ringwald was cast as poor girl Andie in Pretty in Pink.  While crushing on rich guy Blane (Andrew McCarthy), Andie showed her style chops and kept up appearances by upcycling thrifted clothing.  Scene after scene, outfit after enviable outfit, Molly destroyed the stigma associated with second-hand.  Suddenly, shopping vintage was the chic, edgy, creative girl’s choice. 


Vintage Consignment & Resale

Flash forward to the present.  Multiple online websites are dedicated to second-hand shopping:  The RealReal, ThredUp, Tradesy…  

WWD, venerable trade journal to the global fashion industry, has declared the “resale revolution” a “risk to retail.”

Well, Wild Ones, let’s engage in some risky behavior, shall we?

On my last trip to Santa Fe, I made resale shopping a priority. (With so many wealthy retirees in one small area, I reasoned…  Well, you do the math.) 

Here are two of my favorites.


Double Take of Santa Fe

From my first step inside Double Take, I knew I’d have to revise my schedule for the entire day.  The sheer amount of fabulousness was breathtaking:  Native American jewelry, leather goods, concho belts, Western apparel and hats…  Their merchandising is well organized for those looking for something fairly specific, but the real fun is in browsing for that lucky, unexpected find.  Other rooms and floors included Saltillo serapes, American camp blankets, Chimayo weavings, Western art, home décor and furnishings.  And if you’re into designer labels, that’s there, too – in spades.


Double Take Santa Fe

Double Take Santa Fe


Double Take Santa Fe - Home Decor

Double Take Santa Fe – Home Decor


Double Take Santa Fe

320 Aztec Street

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501   


Rio Bravo Trading Company

Rio Bravo Trading Company is a much smaller but still sizable resale shop focused on Western.  This is your destination for the best collection of vintage cowboy shirts and boots I’ve ever seen.  The assortment is extraordinary!  You’ll also find cowboy hats, Western collectibles, Native American old pawn jewelry, chaps, and lots of surprises.

The two shops are located very close to each other but, if you love Western style like I do, give yourself an entire day for browsing.  You won’t be disappointed!

Rio Bravo Trading Company

411 So. Guadalupe St.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


Plaza Cafe

Then, after a full day of sustainable, Molly-approved shopping, reward yourself with a slice of THE most delectable Apple Pecan Carmel Pie at nearby Plaza Cafe.

54 Lincoln Avenue
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Have you already visited these places?  Do you have other favorite resale stores in Santa Fe?  Drop me a note in the comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!